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HomeHaven, Inc.
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Joyce Greenfield, Lydia Bornick, Sophie Powell, Sam Chauncey, Phoebe Edwards
Downtown Planning Team 
Missing: Virginia Wilkinson (photographer) and Sara Ohly

The Downtown Village, which stretches from Dwight Street in the west to Wooster Square and Fair Haven in the East and north to Temple and Audubon Courts, is unique among the HomeHaven villages.  We are surrounded by cultural riches for learning, entertainment, and social contacts that are easily accessible.  University Towers, and to a lesser extent Audubon Court and Wooster Square, have periodic Soup Sundays, barbecues, condo and Co-Op meetings, and other activities that bring residents together.

Like other villages we also aim to keep track of each other, to be the first recourse when someone who no longer drives needs a ride, or someone who has been ill needs a visitor or a phone call, or has a problem to solve.

We also participate in HomeHaven’s efforts to draw in new members. For example, University Towers has hosted health talks in their Community Room.

Leon Plantinga in Wooster Square and Phoebe Edwards in Crown Towers, currently serve as co-Leaders of Downtown Village.  They have recruited a team to examine our current range of activities and form plans for the future.  If you have ideas or requests you think we should consider, please contact Sara or Phoebe, or Sophie Powell, Joyce Greenfield, Lydia Bornick, or Sam Chauncey in University Towers.

Co-Leaders:    Leon Plantinga
                       Phoebe Edwards

Downtown Village Members