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HomeHaven, Inc.
291 Whitney Avenue
Suite 103
New Haven, CT 06511

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Household Services

HomeHaven provides a variety of services that can support you in maintaining a safe and comfortable home as you grow older. The Household Services Committee has a list of licensed contractors for services, such as plumbing, heating and air conditioning, masonry, and electrical work. The committee also maintains a list of providers for work that does not require a license, such as yard work, snow removal, rearranging furniture, and hanging pictures. All of these providers are vetted, have gone through background checks, and have shown proof of insurance.

HomeHaven also maintains a list of unvetted service providers. These providers have been recommended by our members but have not been given the background checks that are required to be on our vetted list.


Costs The costs of all services are to be negotiated between our members and the provider directly. HomeHaven gives you access to a provider, but we do not perform any of the services. The only exception is the Initial Home Inspection. 


When you join, HomeHaven provides for a free home inspection.  Our Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Bruce Lawler, will undertake an  evaluation of your home, with special attention to safety issues. He will provide you with a written report and will help you find contractors for urgent problems. If you have already had this assessment, but your circumstances have changed, consider having an updated inspection.  There is, however, a charge for a second assessment.


Getting help  To contact any of the service providers, call the HomeHaven office.


Emergencies   For urgent issues, day or night, call the office.  The automated answering machine will give you a number to call for 7-day, 24-hour service.


Large Projects   Obtaining and evaluating bids for extensive repairs or remodeling can be intimidating.  For a fee, Bruce Lawler can provide expert advice and guidance, acting as your “owner’s representative.”


Insurance-related Services   Your homeowner's insurance policy will usually cover various types of damage, but negotiating the compensation can often be a confusing process. Our office can point you in the proper direction.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors  Just need a light bulb changed that you can’t quite reach?  Or want help deciding which of those boxes of records you really no longer need? Or are you a handy type, eager to solve this kind of problem?  Call the Office to find out who can help you or who you can help!