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Medically-Necessary Skilled Care at Home


All About You! Home Care Services is our preferred provider for skilled care at home.  All About You! is a Medicare-certified health-care-services organization that can provide or coordinate whatever type of skilled home-care you might need provided that a physician has ordered the service.

In many cases, All About You! will call your physician to obtain the necessary order. Although it has its own staff of registered nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, it also partners and collaborates with other vetted community support services that can coordinate additional specialized services such as respiratory therapy, mobile x-rays, specialized medical equipment. These services need to be ordered by your doctor or a hospital discharge planner. Under certain conditions, Medicare will pay for these services (See Medicare and Home Health Care).

All About You! will, in consultation with your doctor, create a customized, personal care plan for you, utilizing different providers, so that theirs is the only number you need to call.  If home-care should become more complex, a nurse or social worker from All About You! can also serve as an overall health coordinator.  

If you need skilled nursing care at home at any time or after a hospitalization when the discharge plan includes home care, be sure to make your doctor or your discharge planner aware of your relationship with HomeHaven and All About You! Home Care.  

All About You! Home Care Services (1-866-229-2427)